What is Family Counseling?

Couples and family therapy is a special form of psychotherapy that has been practiced widely since the 50’s and aims to improve all interactions within a family as a whole. Couple and family counseling is a service which offers support to people who want to find alternative models of communication and socialization.Without realizing it, we spend months and sometimes even years searching for ways to succeed and grow professionally or enjoying our favorite hobby, but struggle and sometimes fail when it comes to improving the relationships with our loved ones.

Family counseling or couples counseling are aimed to families or couples who face different situations such as dissatisfaction in the marital or couple relationship, communication problems, a difficult behavior of a child or an adolescent, emotional problems of children and adolescents or marital violence and divorces. Counseling therapy is done, in general, to adapt in times of transition to a new stage of your family’s life, improving the communication with your partner in different situations increasing its efficiency and is also a major helper in the role of parent.

Family therapy and couple interventions aim different behavioral statuses and conditions by acknowledging the effectiveness communication, reducing negative interactional effects and the difficulties of relationships or other life stages of family adaptation. Family counseling involves the entire family or multiple family members at the session or the family members with the opportunity to express their views and listen to the ideas of others and all counselors help families and couples to a reach a better understanding of their problems and finding viable solutions. Reaching a sustainable result involves several sessions and the participation of the whole family and their joint effort. The relationship between the counselor and the beneficiary of their services is often a very sensitive relationship that demands a tight alliance and a truly powerful bond for the smooth running of professional activity and that is why confidentiality is always mandatory.

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